Bollywood as the international bimbo

Why Hollywood Loves A Certain Kind of Bollywood:
"Well, “respect” may be the wrong word. Bollywood is now the official bimbo of the international film scene. No one cares what our movies say as long as they look good and offer mindless fun. In fact, that’s our designated job according the kitsch-is-cool pose adopted by American critics. Cartoonish characters, absurd plotlines and bad dialogue? Thank you, that’s exactly what we ordered, with a giant serving of exotic locales, dance numbers, and costumes, please!"
The obvious exotification aside, I also have a problem with the word Bollywood being equated with Indian cinema in general. Bollywood is only Hindi movies, which are a part of the Indian cinema spectrum. India has many states where the people speak many languages and many of these states have thriving film industries of their own. In the south, the Tamil and Kannada language movies have a following that rivals that of Bollywood.