"I wish you many job rejections"

Dear journalism students, I wish you many job rejections: Senior journalist Suhasini Haidar gives some mean-sounding advice to young journalists.
"I wish for you a really mean boss - one who makes you cry. Let's be honest... this is a tough business.. one where you have to push and bully your way to a story. You need to develop a thick skin early on. One of my first professional memories was of being pushed off a ladder in a media stampede outside a court, when I got thrown to the floor and the mic dropped from my hand. Instead of giving me any sympathy, my cameraman fired me up. I learned right then, both in the field and in my newsroom, you have to stand still as others try to push you around. So when the boss blows you up for missing the big interview of the day, you learn to go to the washroom, weep a little, and then go get the interview. If you get a boss who says, 'Never mind, next time...', honestly, you will get nowhere in the business."
Tough words to appreciate, but it really applies to most professions. Especially if the profession in question is something you have wanted to belong to your whole life.