On the mess Jeffrey Kripal made

Didn't Anyone Check the Documentation?: Swami Tyagananda of the Ramakrishna Mission delivers an erudite rebuttal to Jeffrey J. Kripal's book 'Kali's Child' in which the author makes a spectacular mess of the scholarly method by way of reaching erroneous conclusions using bad translations and employing Freudian psycho-analysis to assess the workings of Ramakrishna's mind. The passage below really sums it all up.
Literally millions of people have read the Bengali Kathamrita for the past one hundred years. Bengalis know the language, the culture, the source materials better than any American Ph.D. student who stays in Calcutta for eight months, reads Bengali with the help of a dictionary, and then tells the Bengalis that they are reading Ramakrishna wrong. Strangely enough, they find this sort of thing patronizing and arrogant.