The primal urge to take naked pictures of yourself

The Urge to Sext Naked Self-Portraits Is Primal: Who knew? Apparently the reason all these celebrity types (and wannabes) post naked pics of themselves on Twitter is because they want to be desired.
"The desire of the man is for the woman,” Madame de Stael famously penned, “The desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.” Being the center of sexual attention is a fundamental female turn-on dramatized in women’s fantasies, female-authored erotica, and in the cross-cultural gush of sultry self-portraits. Studies have found that more than half of women’s sexual fantasies reflect the desire to be sexually irresistible. In one academic survey, 47 percent of women reported the fantasy of seeing themselves as a striptease dancer, harem girl, or other performer. Fifty percent fantasized about delighting many men."