Temples auctioning off shaved hair

The Great Indian Hair Auction: Temples in Andhra Pradesh are raising significant amounts of money by collecting, processing and subsequently auctioning off the hair left over after devotees shave their heads in observance of various rituals.
"According to approximate figures from U.N. Comtrade, the U.S. imported over $900 million-worth of wigs, false beards, eyebrows, eyelashes and similar products in 2010, while the U.K. imported $79 million-worth and China and Hong Kong $71 million. Indian hair is in high demand for wig making and hair extensions because it is both “thin and strong,” explains Chennai-based Curlsnwaves, one of the country’s largest exporters of hair. The company also processes hair, stripping it of color and re-dying it. Mr. Nivasa adds that south Indian hair is particularly good quality because women who offer it at the temple take very good care of it."