An American caste system

Is There An American Caste System?: Rajiv Malhotra, in this essay from 2006, throws some interesting light on how western academia (willingly or otherwise) ends up looking at non-western cultures through some very coloured lenses, often reinforcing cultural stereotypes and making sure further academic research suffers from the same handicap. The essay goes into the roots of caste as a social phenomenon and  points out how social changes spread over centuries stratify into cultural and even religious that power structures.
"Recently, I read an excellent book by Professor Uma Narayan called Dislocating Cultures, in which she compares how dowry-deaths in India are of high interest in the West whereas spousal-killings in America are not given the same emphasis, despite that fact that statistically the percentage of American women victims of spousal killings are at least as high as the percentage of Indian women victimized by dowry-deaths. She explains that this dichotomy and disconnect of understanding involves various factors: The language of 'dowry-deaths' is so India-specific, to begin with, that it precludes the equivalent American phenomenon to be within range of the radar."