A blogger from another age

Lessons in blogging (and tweeting) from Samuel Pepys: Phil Gyford, the man who bloggified the diaries of Samuel Pepys, talks about experiencing history through modern means like blogs and social networking tools.
"These days we (a) have the ability to be online all the time if we want, and we (b) have more online environments that we use more continuously — Twitter, Facebook, etc. are more ongoing experiences, unlike most websites that are a bit more sporadic. (I guess websites like forums are a bit of an exception to that.) So we’re now able to experience these historical events in a way that we couldn’t before, by using time. Experiencing World War II one tweet at a time might seem quite superficial at first, because there’s so little textual content there, and that’s true. But over time, we experience WWII at the same pace as people who lived it. Obviously, it’s nothing like the same, but it’s also different to just reading a history of the war in a book over the course of a couple of weeks."
You know who else would have made an awesome blogger? R K Narayan. Also, Isaac Asimov.