Content curation is serious business

You Are Not a Curator, You Are Actually Just a Filthy Blogger: (link via
"I think I'm fairly well positioned to say that you folks with your blog and your Tumblr and your whatever are not actually engaged in a practice of curation. Call it what you like: aggregating? Blogging? Choosing? Copyright infringing sometimes? But it's not actually curation, or anything like it. Your faux TED talk is not going well for you if you are making some point about "curation" replacing "creation" because, well, for starters, "curation" is choosing among things that are created? So like there's nothing for you to curate without creation? This precious bit of dressing-up what people choose to share on the Internet is, sure, silly, but it's also a way for bloggers to distance themselves from the dirty blogging masses."
What I understand by content curation is that you only link to the very best topical content on the web. Sharing the inanity of your everyday web activity can't be called content curation. Also, it can't be just links and embeds. There has to be something of a context to each post you make (whether on your blog, or Twitter, or Tumblog) -- a summary of sorts that serves to make clear the point you are trying to make.