Spaghetti in the sand from 1971

The image above may be called Spaghetti in the Sand and has a bit of historical symbolism attached to it. Specifically, memories from the battle of Longewala in the 1971 Indo-Pak conflict. I found it inside a Youtube video. Here is a bit of context to it.
The Pakistani tanks, exposed like pluck chickens, made desperate weaving maneuvers in the sand, creating a track pattern that was caught in a historic photograph like spaghetti in the sand. The fate of the Pakistani armoured thrust is explained by the desperate intercepted messages from one of the Pakistani tanks, "The Indian air force is playing havoc with us. One plane leaves as another arrives to dance overhead for 20 minutes. 40% of our troops and tanks have been destroyed and injured. Let alone advance, even retreat is difficult. Please send air support soon or we will not even be able to retreat."
Watch the whole video for a more detailed perspective on the matter. And if you are story-inclined, just watch Border.