Familiarity breeds acceptance

One of the things that I and Vivek Goel have discovered about selling comic books in these last few years is that familiarity is a big advantage. Familiarity with the authors -- that's us -- through social networks and the internet in general is only one such anchor. The other, more powerful anchor is the prospective comic book buyer's familiarity with the subject matter of our work -- the Ramayana. More often than not, all we have to tell someone is, "This is the Ramayana from Ravana's point of view." That is all it takes to pique a random window shopper's interest and, in many cases, make them buy the books.

With any other story, the introduction takes a minute and even then, the buyer's interest is conditional upon a great many personal prejudices. But what I have discovered from our Ravanayan experience is that a message goes through smoother if the delivery mechanism is something comfortably familiar.