What is wrong with making India a Hindu nation?

Plenty. Because “Hindu Rashtra” is a useless label and it means nothing. All it will do is help the spread of wrong ideas about India and make people think we have changed for the worse somehow.

Ask yourself what will change if we start calling ourselves a Hindu nation? Will we send away all non-Hindu people? Will we change our Constitution to reflect so-called Hindu values? Will we make practice of other religions illegal?

If you answered no, you know why I am calling the label useless. If you answered yes, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

India is a pluralist society that has always provided accommodation to those in need. In this respect, the culture of this country is inherently Hindu in many ways. One might say we are already a Hindu nation in that respect.

But we are also the sum total of all the cultures that we have assimilated over the millennia. We are Muslim, Christian, and Zoroastrian too. India is much more than a Hindu nation. To limit its scope to one cultural identity would be doing the country a disservice.