What was a big deal in the 1990s but isn't anymore?

I remember growing up in the 1990s hearing about how the Population Explosion was a really bad thing. For some reason, nobody talks about that anymore.

Instead, there is a general mood of optimism about India’s billion-plus population. News anchor gush about our “largest democracy” and economists talk about the demographic dividend. I find this strange because back in the 1990s, the Government used to put up a Population Clock on TV every morning warning us all about how bad things were going to be in a few years.

The next thing is the idea of Brain Drain that people used to constantly worry about in the 1990s. The thing was even in government school text books! We worried India will suffer because smart people were leaving the country in search of better resources in the West instead of contributing here.

That doesn’t happen anymore. To the contrary, now people talk about the importance of the Indian diaspora abroad. I think a big reason behind this is that nobody in the 1990s foresaw a world as connected as it is today, thanks to information technology. Overall, there is less guilt associated with travelling abroad for work. People don’t see it as a betrayal of India anymore.