Hello Smart Person!

My name is Vijayendra Mohanty. I am a storyteller. I co-created the comic book series Ravanayan and the video channel Epified, among other things.

I have been a journalist, a copywriter, and a maker of comics. I have lived and worked in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, in addition to my home state Odisha, where I currently reside and work out of.

These days, I write speculative fiction with an Indian flavour and publish it on my Patreon site. I have three membership schemes, all of which allow access to exclusive content that I create.

Members can, for as little as $1 a month, get access to my monthly short stories. Those choosing higher tiers of membership get gift subscriptions to ongoing fiction series, and behind the scenes access to me and my process. You can find out more at the Patreon page itself.

I am an independent creator who has chosen to make his living doing the things he loves. I hope that you will come join me in my journey.