Christopher Hitchens wants Pakistan declared an enemy

Hitchens comes right out with it. In order to solve a problem, you first need to start seeing it as one. And this is exactly what the US has consistently failed (refused?) to do till now. To declare Pakistan an enemy would go at least some way towards making sure that America gets its priorities straight. Hitchens says:
Annoyed by the loss of "deniability" that Mullen's testimony entails, the Pakistani officer class has resorted to pretending that its direct relationships with al-Qaeda and the Haqqani syndicate do not exist, and that in any case any action or protest resulting would constitute a violation of its much-vaunted "sovereignty." Both of these claims are paper-thin, or worse. They make utter and abject nonsense of the long-standing official claim that Washington's collusion with the ISI has been conducted in good faith and directed for a common cause. It shows American prestige and resources being used, not to diminish the power of "rogue" elements in the Pakistani system, but to enhance and empower them. It makes us look like fools and suckers.
I mean, seriously. Why can't America, after years and years of backstabbing,  officially declare Pakistan an enemy? Pakistan has already started calling the USA an enemy.