Blaspheming the name of Digvijaya Singh

Apparently thou shalt not blaspheme the name of Digvijaya Singh any more. If you do, thine fine ass shalt be dragged to prison. Delhi police has arrested 22 people for sending what they call are hate mails to Digvijaya Singh.
On behalf of the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, lawyer Rohit Kochar filed a complaint on August 16 accusing 22 people of using computers to send and post highly offensive and menacing content, messages, pictures and other data against Digvijaya Singh, police said. "Several unknown people have been posting hate mails, pictures and other disparaging and defamatory content against Singh," Kochar said in the complaint. Kochar also said that much of this content had been posted through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
I wonder if Digvijaya Singh's lawyers and the Delhi police have discovered something that has eluded me all this while. How does one send a "hate mail" via "social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter"? Were these messages sent TO Digvijaya Singh? Or were these only ABOUT him? The case makes some kind of sense if people sent Digvijaya ji hateful emails. But if this content was on the social web, it does not count as communication, it is only published opinion and therefore, the above action may count as a breach of the freedom of speech. But a lot depends on what the "messages" actually were.

Perhaps it is not surprising that it should be Digvijaya Singh who would begin the use of our creepy new Information Technology Act. Some of you might remember the controversy a few months ago when the law was put into effect and Kapil Sibal ji defended it as being a measure against "defamation". I wrote about it on here.