In which the Congress is "amused"

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari has pretty much stopped going to the TV channels ever since the Anna Hazare ruckus rocked his party's boat. Not surprising. When the UPA-pradhaan mantri and the mother goddess of the ruling coalition offer no help, what's a hard-working spokesperson to do?

But a number of Congress spokepersons (official and unofficial, named and unnamed) did manage to get together and blow their trumpet in The Telegraph today.
Most Congress leaders, therefore, are amused that the BJP is focusing on the “internal rift” in the government.

“Let them harp on this tiff for ever and we won’t complain. We know that the public images of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are our weapons in the elections. The focus on sideshows like the Chidambaram-Mukherjee spat only distracts people’s attention from our real weaknesses,” a senior leader told The Telegraph.

The Congress would like this discourse to continue as the problem of intra-party squabbles and ego clashes is far worse in the BJP and can have implications for the main Opposition’s election strategy.

Congress leaders claim that while rifts within their party have little import other than fleeting entertainment value, power struggles are a central feature of the BJP’s politics and future strategies. They say the Nehru-Gandhis have been a boon for the Congress not only because of their charisma but because the family is a “supreme court” of sorts for the party.
The piece is killer entertainment. What "amuses" me beyond belief is how open Congress folk are about their sycophancy. The words can only ever be described as bhakti and their reliance on "charisma" and "public image" as election-winning tools... words fail me.

And after you have had your fun watching Congress folk rejoice in their worship of the holy clan, read this piece by Sunetra Choudhury to see how little the people really care about public images and charisma.