Outdated patent laws killing enterprise

The Economist, in an article on how patent laws are strangling innovation in America, uses the recent lawsuit on Spotify as an example. A company called PacketVideo sued Spotify for violation of their patent on online streaming music. But legality aside, the lawsuit is utterly dumb. Why? Read this excerpt.
Naturally, you are familiar with PacketVideo’s popular music streaming service. Oh, you’re not? I guess that’s because they don’t offer one. So, Spotify is trying to make money offering a service that will make consumers happy. (I’m using it right now. I think it’s terrific.) PacketVideo is trying to make money doing what? Shaking down Spotify?
via Intellectual property: Patents against prosperity | The Economist.

I guess this could be considered a sign of the entitlement culture we are a part of. Not only will we be worthless, we will also do our best to bury everyone else under the colossal weight of our complete worthlessness. Why? Because we can.