US forces were repeatedly attacked by their Pakistani allies

Reports are surfacing of incidents in the last few years where US forces were repeatedly attacked and suffered casualties at the hands of their trusted ally Pakistan. These attacks were completely ignored by Washington and no public announcements were made about them. I suppose keeping the peace with backstabbers is too important. Only now, when higher-ups in the US administration are opening up about what Pakistan is and has been doing, do these events find any mention.
At first, the meeting to resolve the border dispute seemed a success. Despite some tense moments, the delegations ate lunch together, exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet again. Then, as the Americans and Afghans prepared to leave, the Pakistanis opened fire without warning. The assault involved multiple gunmen, Pakistani intelligence agents and military officers, and an attempt to kidnap or draw away the senior American and Afghan officials.
And here is another example from the same article (link below):
...just as the American and Afghan officials were climbing into vehicles provided to take them the short distance to a helicopter landing zone, a Pakistani soldier opened fire with an automatic rifle, pumping multiple rounds from just 5 or 10 yards away into an American officer, Maj. Larry J. Bauguess Jr., killing him almost instantly. An operations officer with the 82nd Airborne Division from North Carolina, Major Bauguess, 36, was married and the father of two girls, ages 4 and 6. 
An American soldier immediately shot and killed the attacker, but at the same instant several other Pakistanis opened fire from inside the classrooms, riddling the group and the cars with gunfire, according to the two senior Afghan commanders who were there. Both escaped injury by throwing themselves out of their car onto the ground.
Read the full 3-page report at the New York Times website here.