Don't get organised

Sometimes, in order to solve a problem or support a cause, you need to do the opposite of getting organised.

When people get organised, they become a large, noticeable mass and therefore, become an easy target for those who want to take them down. They gather around a person, or a building, or in a place of importance and make it the core of their movement. After this happens, all one needs to do in order to end the movement is to hit at this core -- kill the person, shut down the building, guard the place etc.

The thing to do is to have a core that is distributed. The thing to do is to have an idea at the core of your movement. Ideas can be the centre of a movement in spite of not being there. Ideas can be at many places at once. And most importantly, ideas can't be destroyed. No movement can die while it's core lives on. The best they can do is clear off a gathering or disperse a parade. But as long as the idea remains, each person is a movement in his or her own right.

A hashtag on Twitter is an example of a movement powered by a distributed core. It is nowhere and it is everywhere. It brings people and their thoughts together and yet this coming together doesn't happen in a place that can be visited.