This blog post is against Indian culture

Indian culture is a funny thing. Nobody knows what it is, and everyone has an opinion about what it is – or worse – what it should be.

On Twitter, every once in a while, I declare things as being against Indian culture. I do it half in jest and half in rebellion. Rebellion against every two-bit hooligan who confuses his or her personal opinion with the state of the universe.

Here is one guy saying that girls wearing jeans is against Indian culture. There is another one saying books that mention sex are against Indian culture. The list goes on, with fucking idiots from all walks of life declaring everything, everyone, and sometimes even each other, against Indian culture.

So I thought, why not join them? If a good-for-nothing from god-knows where is free to declare me and my way of life as against Indian culture, why should I (and those like me) be left behind? I am a citizen of this great country, just like them. Why should their ideas about Indian culture be more important than mine? Let this be a free-for-all.

And the fun part is, I don’t even have to make sense. Our so-called defenders of culture certainly don’t. Basically there is only one rule. Whatever you don’t like, is against Indian culture. Are you sweating? The heat is against Indian culture. Gmail not opening? Google is against Indian culture. Somebody said something you don’t like? He or she is against Indian culture. Simple and easy!

Come to think of it. There is sense behind it. We are all Indians. We constitute India. Whatever hurts us is against Indian culture. Whatever we do is part of Indian culture. And the one thing our country can probably never have too much of, is a sense of humour.