About this podcast

Hi! I am Vimoh and this is my podcast. It is fashionable to say that one is on a journey of self-discovery. But in truth, the self does not exist in isolation. It is shaped by one's social, cultural, and historical surroundings. Many of these influences are invisible. And when they do become visible sometimes, we tend to deny them, either entirely or as being of little consequence.

This podcast (called Vimoh Live) is about those invisible influences. And in talking about them, I try to not forget that I myself am being shaped by invisible influences as well as being an influence that shapes other people's selves.

This podcast is about India and its culture. Not only ancient culture, but also contemporary culture. It's about where we came from, where we are, and where we are going as a people. It's about the importance of thinking about the future, in both optimistic and pessimistic ways. It's about evaluating our political choices today so that we may step into the future with a fair chance of surviving it.

This podcast exists on the intersection of storytelling and society and tries to throw light on the fact that religion, politics, and culture are all manifestations of the human tendency to tell stories. And though old stories hold sway over us in powerful ways, new stories are always being told.

Your being here is perhaps proof that you like to lift the curtain and look at what lies behind. If that is indeed the case, do follow this podcast on an audio platform of your choice. Thank you for joining this journey!

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