Vimoh Talks Podcast Episodes

Religion, entertainment, and how Hindutva is hijacking the ex-Muslim movement

May 21, 2022

This episode went from discussions on the nature of religion, to Buddhism, to the ex-Muslim movement, to intelligent design. Tons of material in here.

Ghalib Kamal on India, Pakistan, and the future

May 18, 2022

Ghalib Kamal is a Pakistani science communicator who has been hard at work fighting irrationality and religious bigotry on YouTube. We will talk with him about how he got to where he is and where he thinks we all might go fr…

Aiman on separating art from artists

May 14, 2022

Sat down for a discussion with my Instagram friend Aiman about separating art from artists and all that is tangentially related to this matter. In recent times, we have come across multiple instances of authors and creators …

The angry Arts student

May 11, 2022

The Humanities are devalued in the Indian education system. This is no secret. But what goes unnoticed is the ways in which this devaluing ruins us on a cultural and sociological level. This episode was about the things an A…

AMA session: TV shows, atheism, and books

May 7, 2022

An off-the-cuff episode episode after a long time with no agenda. We talked about all manner of topics.

The vanity of spiritual people

May 4, 2022

In this episode we talked about the chip on the shoulder of people who define themselves as spiritual, despite spirituality not having a clear definition. We also got into gaming a little bit.

Hustle culture is horseshit

April 27, 2022

Hustle culture is the idea that hard work is a solution to all problems. It's not. And a lot of hustle culture promoters who call themselves "problem-solvers" can't be called so because they don't actually talk about the pro…

The dangers of motivational content

April 20, 2022

Our news feeds are full of motivational content. Some find it useful and some find it annoying. But there are threads linking much of it to religion, political doctrine, and even patriarchy. So let's talk about some of those…

I used to be a bhakt

April 16, 2022

I have mentioned many times in my live streams that I used to be a Hindutva supporter and I turned away from it some years ago. But since many of you have followed me in the course of the last few months, I wanted to do a sh…

No religion can be eternal

April 9, 2022

There is good evidence to suggest that even religious people consider their religions sanatan or something. This episode was sort of about that, but also went in other, related directions.

Adi Shankar on his Netflix series Guardians of Justice

April 8, 2022

I sat down with Adi Shankar to talk about his latest work Guardians of Justice and we ended up discussing social satire, imagining the future, and his personal history.

Meghnad from Newslaundry on media and the nation

April 6, 2022

We talked about his life, his work, his ideas and experiences on the media. We also discussed where we are as a nation and where we may be going.

Why education doesn't guarantee atheism

April 2, 2022

This episode started out with the intention of explaining how childhood indoctrination is what really keeps religion alive, and then moved over into other interesting territories like love, evolution, and capitalism.

I'm a secular boy in a dharmic world

March 30, 2022

This episode of the show was the 50th live stream on the youtube channel and we had a lot of conversations about religion, multiculturalism, secular life, and media bias.

How not to engage with the religious

March 26, 2022

This episode was about engaging with the religious and not overreaching into philosophical territories that aren't justifiable in honesty. We also talked about a good number of social justice issues.


Abby Philips on Ayurveda risks and the uselessness of Homoeopathy

March 23, 2022

This episode had a shitty beginning (literally) and then got better as we talked about the importance of modern medicine and the threats to it from culturally sanctioned superstitions.


Shahbaz Ansar on resisting dogma and being an atheist

March 16, 2022

Shahbaz Ansar is a journalist and quite open about being an atheist. We chatted about what that makes his life next to Hindus, Muslims, and even other atheists. We also talked about the Indian religio-political landscape.

Religionism, feminism, equalism, stupidism etc.

March 12, 2022

This issue had us going from religious behaviors to memelord atheism to feminism denying equalism and more.

Can one believe in non-existence?

March 9, 2022

In this episode, we talked about existence, non-existence, confidence of belief, and also, for some reason, about the math of 11 dimensions.

Can atheists be moral, and other dumb questions

March 5, 2022

This episode had us talking about religious morality, morality of killing animals, morality of foul-mouthed "saints", and other interesting topics.

The many definitions of god and what to do with them

March 2, 2022

This episode was about how many people define god in many ways and as an atheist having conversations about claims of god, how we should abide by rules of logic.

Charismatic babas, overconfident atheists, and the Hindu multiverse

Feb. 26, 2022

In this episode, conversations with listeners spanned the multiverse. We talked about agnostic atheism, why people fall for baba claims, and whether scripture says caste is assigned at birth.

1000 YT subscribers special AMA

Feb. 23, 2022

The live stream just crossed 1000 subscribers. So I had people call in with questions and comments and even disagreements. It was fun and 2 hours long.

Let's talk about knowing and believing

Feb. 19, 2022

This episode became, quite unwittingly, a QnA session with my listeners.