There is nothing wrong with supporting the Congress

If you are going to praise an action or statement of someone from the Left or the Congress, please don't feel obliged to preface it with "I am not a Leftie but..." or "I'm not a Congress supporter but...". Because the trolls don't care. The moment you criticise the government, about anything), they're going to label you Congressi anyway. So why bother with the caveats?

Your being or not being a Congressi makes absolutely no difference to them. You think the government and its lapdog media are not paying attention to you because they suspect you of being "Congress agents"? Hell no. You aren't going to matter either way. So you might as well start openly supporting Rahul Gandhi.

Because if you do, then there is a slim chance that the BJP might start worrying about an Opposition space. That won't happen until you keep trying to assert your loyalty to the BJP by treating all Opposition parties like things that can't be touched with a barge pole.

One of the ruling party's greatest successes has been tarnishing, not just opposition parties, but the very idea of opposition. any kind of opposition. They create folders like "Urban Naxal" and "Jihadi" and "Anti-National" and then classify all their critics into one or more of these categories. And as long as we play along, they will continue to be able to say "If not Modi, then who?".

It's not as if there is no good opposition. It's just that they have created an environment where we all are afraid to choose them.

Look around you, look at the GDP fall, look at the unemployment, look at the subversion of Indian democracy. Do you really think nobody can do a better job than this government? Because in case you have not noticed, we were doing better under Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister. Stop fooling yourself.

The BJP is just another political party. Like the Congress, or the Left parties, or the AIADMK, or the BJD, or the... you name it. There is nothing special or unique about it. And in a multi-party democracy where people cast their vote to choose candidates to work for them, there is no reason the Congress cannot be an option right alongside the BJP.

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