Walk the talk Your Honours

I'm not getting on the "SC is all better now" hype train unless strong measures are taken against casual use of anti-terrorism laws like UAPA. It's happening in broad daylight, and people have spent years in jail without trials. I'm sorry but this cannot wait for a regime change.

On some level, many of us seem to have accepted that things won't change till the BJP is in power. That's unacceptable. The BJP is only one part of the problem. The real problem is the political climate their rule has created. It will continue even if they're gone tomorrow.

If we allow open wounds like UAPA to fester, then it's almost a certainty that whoever comes to power tomorrow will find this a convenient way to deal with those who dissent against them. The issue is not one politician or one party. It is the damage being done to the system.

And it is the Supreme Court's job to guard against such systemic rot. Occasional quotable quotes in favour of civil liberties are not enough. Not when civil rights are being stomped on every other day in clear sight of everyone, including the judiciary.

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