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I do my best to keep my fiction and non-fiction work apart from each other even though some overlap sometimes is inevitable. So I feel uncomfortable even sharing this here on this blog. But here goes:

I have started a Hindi fiction podcast called Kalp Fiction. It will publish science fiction and fantasy stories with an Indian flavour. The first story is called Antim Saakshi and you can listen to it for free right now on Spotify by clicking here.

Do follow the podcast on Spotify (or wherever else you listen to audio) and share the episode with any friends of yours who you think enjoy science fiction and fantasy. Especially the sort that looks to the future instead of the past.

Part of the reason behind starting Kalp Fiction is to build a mainstream base for a new kind of Indian fantasy story. One that is not based on our mythological past or is only ghost stories. Oh, and BTW, Kalp Fiction has a Scrollstack blog that you can follow right now so that updates about new episodes reach your inbox directly.

Your help in doing so is much appreciated!

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