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There is no escaping religion, is there? It's in temples, churches, and mosques obviously. But for some reason, it is also in schools, government offices, and scientific labs now. It's a worrying trend for people who don't want religion to dominate all aspects of life. And for those like me, who want religion to dominate no aspect of life, it's positively pissing off.

But being pissed off doesn't help. Because the ranks of the religious are not filled with evil aliens from another dimension. They contain our own friends, family members, colleagues, and classmates. And many of them are only following their religions for two reasons. One, they were indoctrinated into it at a very young age when they didn't know any better. Two, a constant barrage of religious / spiritual content on all platforms keeps them hooked to irrational ritualistic behaviours.

This podcast - Nastik Chai - is a small attempt at remedying this situation. We can't travel back in time to everyone's childhood and prevent them from being indoctrinated. But what we can do is produce a daily Hindi podcast that can occupy some space in people's heads. And in that space, we can keep small doses of rational thought, materialist philosophy, atheistic thinking, and a love for nature as described by science.

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