How to do Hindugiri and get ahead in life

Let me tell you how easy it is to engage in new age Hindutva stupidity. Call up someone and say you want to do a Hanuman Chalisa paath in their living room THIS AFTERNOON. If they say no, declare them anti-Hindu. It can also be a yagya or a jagrata.

Because clearly, no one can say no to you doing Hindugiri for any reason other than that they are anti-Hindu. When they object by saying they don't have time, or have other commitments, or just don't like you taking up their space, just call them anti-Hindu.

If anyone comes forward to support them, cry out loudly and scream that it has become a crime to practice Hinduism in India. And don't think you will look stupid doing this. There will always be people who will believe you. Their heads have been hollowed out by steady "Hindu Khatre Mein" propaganda via WhatsApp and Facebook.

As things stand right now, Hindus have put their religion in a box and handed it as a gift to thieves and charlatans for use as their personal propaganda tool. Anyone can use Hinduism to do get attention, play victim, and consolidate power by feeding on Hindu inferiority complex.

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