Love Jihad is Islamophobia, but it is also Misogyny

The underlying theme behind this "Love Jihad" circus is plain old sexism. Because it's not Love Jihad when a Hindu man marries a Muslim woman. It's only so when a Muslim man marries a Hindu woman. Basically, it's a cry of "they took our women".

Because apparently, women are in the same category as property and resources and land. They cry about this "loss" the same way they might cry about a loss of livestock or furniture.

Love Jihad is an idea rooted in misogyny and the objectification of women. The men are always takers of action and the women are always that upon which action is taken - things to be taken or given or stolen or protected. It's a denial of will and agency that leaves women with little more dignity and presence than a reproductive machine - something to be kept safe because it is useful, a machine to make more men who can then continue to fight the eternal war that men from different countries, different religions, different races, different castes will never stop fighting.

That Love Jihad is a product of Islamophobic thought is evident. But what often goes unmentioned is the aspect of it that will have us thinking of women as cattle.

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