Ranvir Allahbadia enables Rajiv Malhotra's dangerous propaganda

Ranvir Allahbadia, who also goes by the name of Beerbiceps, does a podcast called The Ranvir Show (TRS). On it, he invites allmanner of loonies and allows them unfettered access to his enormous audience. He has had guests who speak of bhoot-pret, magic, ghosts, and religion and promote a whole host of lies, misinformation, and superstition. Ranvir simply sits and listens and allows them to wax eloquent.

But recently, he got hold of one Rajiv Malhotra, a Hindutva crackpot who thinks India should not be a democracy and should instead be ruled by one undisputed leader. He also thinks that regional political parties have too much power and it needs to be curtailed. The pinnacle of this conversation was when both came to the conclusion that this supreme leader should be none other than Narendra Modi.

I got Meghnad to watch and react to a part of this interview. It was horrifying and worrying. I hope you watch our reaction and understand how terrible such propaganda can be for the future of this country.

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