Don't let fools call you Westernised and Colonised

I got a question about the claims by certain "Indologists" about advanced modern technology in ancient India and gave a short answer. Below is the video clip of me doing it. And after it, a transcript of the audio. Enjoy!


colo mind.mp4


Karthik says, some archeologists say that ancient temples could not have covered built without lathe machines. So, uh, this will be the Pravin Mohan School of Thought, where they're so taken by modern technology that their own culture is no longer good enough for them. I made a video about Pravin once some time ago, and I have much more to say about the guy, but I don't want to because it's quite like dis... uh, honestly quite sickening.

Uh, but the whole point is that these guys portray themselves as protectors of culture and defenders of ancient ways, right? But they're not, they're actually the exact. Because the ancient culture is not good enough for them. They want it to be our flying saucers about cell phones, about technology, because they're so taken by modern technology, which tends to be Western because all the technology we have was not invented in the East. Most of it was not invented in the East. It was invented in the West.

We are using Western technology as Mike is a Western invention. YouTube is a company that is established in the West. So they look at all that and they're like, they're, they're stuck by. They're struck by a severe inferiority complex, and then they come back to their country.

They take whatever they have, and they try to repaint it to convince Western people, uh, look, we are also advanced. Okay. If they had self-respect, if they had integrity, if they genuinely respected their culture, they wouldn't have to, they would say, yeah, this is our culture. We are proud of it. But no, it's never en enough for them.

There has to be quantum physics there, there has to be waves of energy coming out of a statue. Uh, the temple has to be created with alien technology. These are all western paint being applied to Indian things or Eastern things. They're the ones who hate Indian culture. We are not, we are okay with it, kind of.

We point out whatever is the flaw. Whatever is good, we accept and we celebrate what is. But they're not, that's not good enough for them. They have to give it western color because they're the ones who are actually the colonized minds.

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