Richard Dawkins and his Transphobia

I wasn't always an atheist. And when I wasn't, I didn't like Richard Dawkins much (for obvious reasons). But even after I started identifying as an atheist, I didn't warm up to him much.

Don't get me wrong. He is an amazing science communicator and scientist. His work has advanced both our understanding of evolution as well as public perception of it. But he doesn't do nuance very well when it comes to the philosophical side of atheism and also, apparently, gender.

Overall, almost every single one of the New Atheists of the early 2010s have since been lost to some circumstance or another. Hitchens passed away, Harris added Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan as friends, and Dawkins, well, here we are.

Fortunately, there are some enlightened atheists on the block now and they do get nuance more than Dawkins does. Maybe because they are younger and were not born in times when gender roles went unquestioned.

Below is a discussion between two such contemporary atheist voices - Forrest Valkai and Stephen Woodford of Rationality Rules, on Richard Dawkins' problematic approach to viewing gender.

Forrest Valkai actually has a tremendous primer on Sex and Gender on his channel called Sex and Sensibility. It goes into great detail and should serve as a ready resource for anyone looking to debunk popular misconceptions surrounding gender and what the American Right calls "Transgenderism".

Will write more soon. Bye for now!

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