Instagram, Indian government, and He-Man

[00:00:00] Intro to the episode

[00:40:00] YouTube, Instagram, and the changing online video landscape – Some thoughts about how online video emerged, what made it popular, and what has happened recently to change things in the video market.

[09:22:00] Indian government “raids” media houses – I take a little solace from the fact that oppression still has to be disguised as something else. The day they just openly say we want media to shut up is still some distance away.

[12:54:00] Being an “influencer” – I am finding it increasingly difficult to handle the compliments that people send my way because of the content I put up online. My privilege means I don’t have to work very hard to be seen as doing something heroic even I am doing the bare minimum.

[15:46:00] Masters of the Universe – I talk about the new Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelation and how it being female dominated has made some sad puppies really sad.

[20:07:00] Ending notes and information on how you can support my work.

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