Pegasus and the "nobody cares" argument

It’s a horseshit argument that Indians don’t care about privacy or Pegasus. They didn’t care about a lot of things pre 2014. They were made to care through media engagement and propaganda. Similarly they can be made to care about this too. It’s a game two, or many can play.

On another level, this entire “people won’t care about this” series of arguments is manipulation. It’s an attempt by those in power to keep inconvenient matters out of the discourse. Every sanghi “LOL” hides a deep paranoia behind it. They hope you won’t talk about things that are dangerous to them. So they paste laughter emojis in hopes you will think they are not afraid of what you are saying.

It is, as I just said, horseshit. Smell their fear and laugh loudly. And laugh louder each time. Because the smell will grow stronger every time you do.

If the BJP, with its propaganda machinery get people to care about nonsense like “Love Jihad” and “UPSC Jihad”, then with enough people talking, Pegasus and privacy too can become issues that matter to the common man. The need is for all of us to put ourselves squarely behind the issue and support all efforts to get to the truth behind it.

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