The selfish side of "motivation"

Don't say "you can do it" to people you don't know. Learn who they are and perhaps you will find that the obstacles they face are greater than anything you are even capable of imagining. The problem with the online "motivation" market is that it doesn't understand privilege.

More than half the "hustle" bros are also subscribers of modern toxic positivity culture. The only adversity they struggle with is "I didn't get that thing I wanted". It's empowerment of the selfish. And the sad part is their faux motivation reaches those whose troubles are a result of social inequality. Young ones who end up believing they are not hustling enough. That if they just think positive and "work harder", social discrimination will disappear from society.

And when it fails, these kids end up thinking they are inadequate somehow. That it was THEY who failed. Hustle culture motivation crap promotes the idea that societal inequality is not a thing that exists. And that the obstacles in the path of the privileged are the same as the obstacles in the path of those without such privilege.

And guess which class of men overwhelmingly peddles such "motivation"? Same people who think social justice initiatives are designed to destroy them and that they have true "merit" that nobody recognises. Basically emo boys who walk in slo-mo as sad songs play in the background.

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