Will the real brave Hindu please stand up?

One of the goals of the saffron sort that calls upon Hindus to participate in violence against Muslims is to turn the children of Hindus into murderers. The Hindu that opposes violence is the only Hindu who is fighting FOR Hinduism. The rest are just tools (willing or unwilling).

The saffron sort calls Hindus cowards for not being violent. In truth, it is he who will sit comfortably as Hindu children kill, die, and suffer punishment after participating in the violence that he organised for his own political empowerment.

His fight isn't FOR Hindus. This is a sacrificial fire he has set up to throw Hindu children into. The joke here is that the Hindus who sit at home mouthing phrases like "inn logo ke saath aisa hee hona chahiye" are basically throwing their own future generations down the drain by either participating in this circus of hatred, or by remaining silent and letting it happen.

If Hindus want their descendants to live in a future where the whole world does not spit on them in disgust, their course of action is clear - vocally oppose any calls for violence made by those who want their children to become murderers.

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