A new introduction to Hindu culture

Have any nationalist Hindu organisations taken offence at the name of Ram being used as a chant by murder mobs yet? No? Okay. Maybe that's what Hinduism is then.

Maybe now, when curious foreigners ask us to our culture, we should send them a compilation of proud Hindus chanting the name of Ram as they commit and applaud violence. Maybe we should show them clippings of people setting fire to the homes of Muslims as they chant the name of Ram. Maybe that should be how we introduce our "great and ancient civilisation".

Maybe there should be a really nice looking website with ancient looking stone carved graphic template called "An Introduction to Hindu Culture". The main page can have a grid layout populated by video clippings like the famous "goli maaro" and "kaate jaayenge" ones.

There can be links called "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" that lead to pages with videos where popular Hindu figures are seen demanding massacres and promising murder. And pages titled "Ancient Wisdom" that show well-known Hindu leaders drinking urine and bathing in excreta.

I am sure such a presentation will be a great educational tool for any curious Westerner looking to get a deeper understanding of our culture.

Dark jokes aside, I think Hindus should not be allowed to get away with a simple "Hinduism and Hindutva are two different things" when faced with rabid hate mongering being done in the name of their religion. The murder mobs don't see a difference. And the ones who say they are not murder mobs stand by and allow the name of Ram to be used for vile purposes and even support these vile criminals.

Never before has it been more important to not allow self-declared liberal Hindus to have their cake and eat it too. The things they value - reputation, image, and the ability to be inheritors of a "great and ancient culture" as sweet background music plays over scenic sunsets with temple silhouettes - need to be put at risk.

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