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Hi, my name is Vijayendra Mohanty. This is my YouTube channel. I'm a writer. And on this channel, I talk about writing and being a writer. People sometimes ask me how I write regularly and I don't really have any good answer to give them like, you know, I say, you must have discipline, but that's neither here nor there.

How do people build discipline? So today I'm going to show people a way that they can build a discipline. It's an online tool and it's actually quite effective because it taps into our need for... our need to be able to brag about having done something, which is the defining characteristic of the social media age.

So I give you 750 words.com. Welcome to 750 words. It's a pretty straightforward little website that you can visit at 750words.com. And it's a way to help you write every day. They use 750 words as a count because it is roughly three pages. So basically if you joined this website, your work is that you are writing every day.

You are writing 750 words every day and I'll show you momentarily what happens inside the website. But, uh, it gamifies the process of writing. And it, does it by. Uh, like every day you write your, it counts as an achievement. And every day that passes by with you writing is, uh, added towards a goal.

It adds towards your process. Like for example, here, after I log in, I directly end up inside a text editor. I can write 750 words. And there is, uh, you know, a character a word count at the bottom of it. When you read 750 words, your quota for the day is met and then it counts how many days, uh, you have written consecutively.

If you write for one entire week, you get a badge. If you write for one entire month, you get a badge. If you write for one entire year, you get a badge. And that's how it works. Here, I'll show you where the badge system is. It must be here somewhere here, badges. Uh, for, uh, streak budgets. This is how you get, when you start, you get the egg, uh, if you ride for three days, you get the Turkey badge.

If you write for five days, you've got the penguin badge and on and on it goes, uh, the great Griffin is something you get if you have written 750 words every day for 2000 days in a row, it's over five years of writing every day. This is a good way of gamifying the process of writing, which tends to be very solitary.

And a lot of people say that they are not able to write every day, but I think this is something that might help people. And if you are someone who wants to pick up the habit of writing every day, 750words.com is the place you need to go to. And start. Don't worry if you skip a day or if you, if you can't do it every single day, just start. Even one day is good. Right? If you write for three days, then you still get a badge and one week, and you know, 10 days of writing will make you a Flamingo. So it's an interesting way of keeping track of what you're writing. And, uh, another thing to keep in mind is that this is not blogging. What you write will not get published anywhere.

This is, uh, just an internal system. All these people are people who are on a, uh, on a writing spree, but we don't know what they have written. Nobody sees them, nobody. Uh, nobody can track what they're writing. There is no publishing. There is not tweeting or blogging. All you get when you follow someone is find out that they wrote 750 words that day.

So if you want, you can invite your friends to compete with on this platform. If you have writer, friends, you can compete with them using this platform. It's reminding me that today I have one hour and 49 minutes to write my 750 words I used to use this platform a number of years ago. And I did manage to write quite a lot using it, but I haven't used it for quite some time now .

That was it. A simple tool that you can use to write every single day and get some badges to show off on social media. If you want, you can invite your friends also to this platform. I should tell you however that the platform is not free. It's free for 30 days after which the payment is $5 per month.

I have a free account because I joined it way back in the past when it used to be free and I have a lifetime free account. But if you want to even try it out for 30 days, you might be surprised at how effective it is at maintaining your personal writing discipline. And maybe then you will want to spend $5 every month to be able to, write.

So give it a, give it a, go, give it a go. And, uh, let me know if it works for you and if it does you should subscribe to this channel, because I will bring you more tools as time passes along with other tips and bits about writerly life. Thank you.

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