When majorities overreact

Saw someone complaining on YouTube that every single planet the Starship Discovery goes to is ruled by a woman. Question is: Would the guy have raised a similar objection if every single planet had been ruled by a man?

Because here, in a nutshell, we have a very apt demonstration of every majoritarian victimhood complex. Here it is gender. In other places it may be religious or ideological. The majority stays silent when the system is overwhelmingly biased in its own favour.

But when the scales begin shifting in favour of a group or community that has historically been relatively invisible, it begins to see red and complains of discrimination. All it loses is absolute control but when it complains, what we hear is mortal fear and talk of oppression.

If you're from a dominant group, the thing you need to understand first is that less than 90% control is not an existential threat. It is simply an opportunity for you to see those you have been content to ignore so far. They were always here. Your privilege kept you from seeing them.

Use that opportunity instead of running around like a headless chicken screaming "OMG this is the end!". You are not in danger. The influences that keep you blind are in danger. Their demise will make you better, kinder, and consequently stronger. Otherwise stay a baby and wail.

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