For those who prefer the Taliban

If you happen to think that Taliban running Afghanistan is a good thing for anyone except the Taliban, then please unfollow or block me right now. You can't fight Hindutva in India and support the Taliban in Afghanistan at the same time.

No enlightened and equal society can be built on the foundation of political religiosity. Some of you are too young to remember what Afghanistan was like under the Taliban twenty years ago. I am not. So save your justifications for those who don't know any better.

There is a fascist inside every human heart, and it stirs when you give them power. We are not in a civilisational struggle happening between religions. We are in a struggle between religious barbarity and progressive ideals. To mistake the fight for anything else is to condemn all our futures to certain doom.

If you happen to agree with me on this, then please heed one request. Instead of amplifying the views of Muslims who are applauding the Taliban, amplify those who are not and see this as the horror that it is. The bigots don't need your help. Bhakts are already amplifying them.

Left to itself, this trend will become a weapon in the hands of those who seek to divide us on the basis of religion. It is up to every right-thinking human being (Indian, Afghan, or otherwise) to not let it become that. The future of the world (which we all share) depends on it.

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