Afghanistan and the selective wokeness of the Indian liberal

The crowd that posts about BLM but remains mysteriously silent at DLM is back at it again. They're suddenly worried about the rights of Afghan people even as they continue to remain silent (or actively support) the violation of the rights of Indian citizens by the Indian state.

Because flaunting your wokeness at the happenings in another country is easy to do from a drawing room in an Indian metro city. What is hard is to risk angry WhatsApp messages from your own family members after you say something criticising Narendra Modi.

The former lets you pretend that you care about justice and virtue. The latter reminds you that you are an asshole with zero integrity and even less courage. The Taliban ARE evil. But have a look in your backyard when you can spare some time from all that laborious posturing and hashtagging.

You think this criticism is unfair? And that it does not matter which evil you criticise?


The conversation ecosystem is loaded. There are significant forces engaged in the task of using what happened in Afghanistan against Indian Muslims. Which side can use your help?

And which side is benefiting from your selective outrage? Which side needs your voice to push it forward? Do the math and you will find that those who support the violation of Indian citizens' rights are applauding your selective wokeness right now.

Your sympathy for the needy in Afghanistan should not blind you to the responsibility you have towards the needy in your own neighborhood - definitely not because of your WhatsApp uncle. You can't be opposed to the bigotry of the Taliban and have no problem with homegrown bigots.

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