How Capitalism hides that it's a failed system

Capitalists who keep saying Communism is a failed system are usually trying to live in denial of the fact that Capitalism is also a failed system. It's just better at hiding the failed status and selling itself as some kind of aspirational ideal that everyone can look forward to.

There is an entire class of workers who will happily get sucked dry by their employers by day, and then spend nights singing bhajans in their praise and in praise of the system that exploits them. The Capitalist myth sells the idea of opportunity while simultaneously leaving its followers unable to access any opportunities because they are too busy living hand-to-mouth. And while they do so, they learn to put the blame for it on those poorer than them, instead of on those feeding on their labour.

The Capitalism worshipper is his own worst enemy.

A couple of days ago, someone said Capitalists take risks and their workers don't. This person, a worker obviously, was so blinded by Capitalist propaganda that he actually thought he wasn't risking his health, his life, his relationships, and his sanity in service of his master.

He was looking at the concept of risk itself through a Capitalist lens - profit and loss. And when one's entire frame of reference has been shaped by the idea that things like health, relationships, and sanity don't matter enough to even be part of the conversation about himself, you understand the extent of the social conditioning that goes into proving that Capitalism is the best that the human species is capable of achieving.

It's an idea that can only be maintained by convincing people they don't deserve any better.

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