Why the hateful wag their tails

People say all sanghis are full of hate. But many of them actually aren't. They are opportunists. They simply stick to power. If the British were in power, they'll sing the queen's praises. If the Taliban took over, they'll turn into their greatest spokespersons overnight.

Their defining quality is not hate. It's a lack of spine. They'll say anything, do anything, hate anyone, be devoted to anyone, as long as it allows them to be close to power and gloat about it. Some of the most well-known hatemongers of today used to be "secular" only a few years ago.

What changed? Nothing except the power equation. The moment the higher-ups created a culture where hate and bigotry were necessary characteristics for influence, these fine gentlemen switched over. Tomorrow, when things go back to normal, you will find these same people become great supporters of national integration and unity.

To see these parasites as any one thing is a mistake. Keep your eyes on the chameleon. For it changes colour and doesn't stay at any one place for long. Its only goal is to climb. And it will climb whatever it can climb.

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