What choice do we have?

Let's talk about choice and how it is somewhat deified among those who have plenty of it. The other day, someone said their job is not wage slavery because they chose to get employed. Now the interesting thing is that this is someone who wants to write full-time and can't because... you know... food is necessary to be a writer who is alive.

Truth is, they ARE a wage slave. Every decision in their life is made on the basis of their job. And the job keeps demanding more and more of their time, their health, and their focus. What it pays in return is only barely enough for them to eat and pay rent. Choice here is an illusion because they are unable to actually choose.

Why then do they think they have a choice? Because that's what they hear from everyone. Ads on TV say it, personal development gurus say it, motivational speakers say it, religious leaders says it. Saying "you have no choice" is uncool and therefore nobody says it. But it is what is true about a large number of people in modern society.

They have no choice.

And the further down you go on the socio-economic ladder, the less choice we find. We find people who can't choose to eat enough, who can't choose to survive, can't choose to marry (or marry who they want). Heck, we find people who can't choose to be treated like people.

And even when these folks turn to their nearest screen, what they find is that same old "you have a choice" rhetoric packaged and presented by people who haven't fought for anything in their lives - mostly motivational speakers and figures who are religious or "spiritual" to one degree or another.

Human behaviour in modern society has been shaped by the limitations social systems like Capitalism impose on all of us. This is why we are so well-trained to treat even the ability to breathe as something to be celebrated as free choice. Ever heard "You are getting this much, no? Over there you will not get even this".

Nationalists say this in response to any criticism of the nation. Capitalists say this in response to any criticism of Capitalism. Religious people say this in response to any criticism of their religion. The lie of choice goes on and on and on.

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