Fans of dictators are fools

Find the fool in your circles who thinks dictatorship is a good idea. Ask him who should be dictator. When he tells you, tell him his choice is irrelevant because dictatorship is not democracy. The problem with those who think democracy is slow and complicated is that they don't realise that democracy gives them a lot of things they take for granted.

The freedom to have an opinion for example, and the freedom to disagree and the freedom to express that disagreement publicly. They decry democracy because they think they are removed from it somehow. As if they exist in a vacuum that is free from everyday politics and their freedoms and abilities do not stem from the democratic setup they live in.

This is the illusion that needs to be broken. This is the challenge. To drag the privileged back into the reality that they share with the rest of their countrymen. To convince them that the views they hold have actual ground level consequences for people including themselves. Dictatorship looks nice only when you grant yourself the imaginary luxury of being an unaffected outsider.

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