Capitalism is hunting for The Activist

A new reality TV show is going to pit activists against each other to make them fight for resources that can help their cause.

Activism on matters like world hunger is essentially about breaking the capitalist illusion that there isn't enough for everyone and that only those who can win competitions deserve to live. Shows like The Activist come along and make it into A FUCKING COMPETITION.

In the end, it will be about profit, entertainment, and turning a matter of human survival into t-shirts and stickers. That's how the Capitalist beast works. It is doing exactly what it has always done - feeding on those who are running away from it. And convincing people they are "doing good" by buying stuff.

The environment, justice, and education, are not entertainment. Though they can be pursued in ways that are entertaining, that is not the goal. The Capitalists looking to profit off them are not allies. They're pimps looking to make a quick buck by whoring out just causes.

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