Girls are not magical

The roots of a woman getting blamed for the death or suffering of a man lie in our culture itself. Remember all those astrological readings about a girl being auspicious or inauspicious for a boy? Now ask yourself, ever heard of a boy being auspicious or inauspicious for a girl?

The reason that line of thinking only flows one way and not the other is because the culturally sanctioned role of a girl is supposed to be that of an aide or a help. The boy is the main deal that the girl is supposed to exist in service of.

Heck, we even associate supernatural powers with girls. Will her presence improve a family's business prospects? Will she cause the boy's career to grow? Will her entering the house increase the family's income? And there is also the bit where a girl is blamed for family misfortunes.

You have heard words like "apshakun" and "manhoos" no doubt. These distinctions hardly ever get applied to the boy, who it seems is entitled not only to the girl's body, but her passive magical powers as well. Is it any wonder then, that a girl is being hounded for the tragic death of the man she loved?

The ongoing witch-hunt is an actual witch-hunt. And it's an old witch-hunt. And we are all the hunting party. Our weapons are many, our methods are legion, and our target is what it has always been - the magical girl who is responsible for all that happens around her.

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