What patriarchy gave us

Saying patriarchy gave us everything we have is like saying the British gave us the Railways. The assumption is that the things we achieved could not have been achieved without the subjugation of women. The argument is facile and perhaps even dishonest.

One of the things that have been happening with increased representation of marginalised communities, including women, is the questioning of what has been considered self-evident.

Could African nations have turned out to be "developed" had it not been for imperialist exploitation? Could India have been a "super power" had it not been for British rule? The answer to these questions are not self evident. But they are important questions that point in the general direction of what could have been.

To say, therefore, that patriarchy shouldn't be questioned because apparently, "it is what it is" and that everything we have is because of it, is not only unintelligent, but also a denial of the possibility of a better world.

It's basically saying, "we can't do better and just suck up this world of inequalities and discrimination".

If we buy the logic that what we have is all we are capable of having then we basically overrule the possibility of all better futures.

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