The Hindu American's burden

“Hindu Americans” supporting hate politics in India while remaining safe from its impact in America is basically foreigners interfering in India’s internal matters. They have nothing at stake. They have nothing to lose. They’re playing with Indian lives from a safe distance.‘

This foreign interference takes many shapes. Sometimes it is effected by lending Indian Hindus nomenclature that Hindu Americans use in USA as minorities. That’s where this bogus “Hinduphobia” nonsense comes from. It’s taken from the NRI experience and supplied to desi bigots so that they may use it in their victimhood narratives locally and use it as justification for violence against minority communities.

Truth is, these guys left India ages ago for the comfort of a country that protects them as minorities. But they want India to be hostile to minorities. They went looking for opportunities but they want India to become a place where opportunities are reserved for their co-religionists. They actively support biased legislation and bad policies from the safety of a country that offers them Constitutional protections.

I wouldn’t hesitate to call it racism. It is being perpetrated by those who never tire of coming to the caste system’s defence. Nor do they hesitate to support criminal baba types. All from a safe distance though. To Hindu Americans, India is a hobby. To Indians, it’s real life.

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