Subjective truth is a dishonest phrase

One of the most dishonest cop-outs that spiritual folks engage in is this thing called “subjective truth”. Don’t let it confuse you. It’s just a fancy-shmancy way of saying imagination or opinion.

There’s nothing wrong with imagining things of course, but couching it in words like “subjective truth” is usually done so that people’s imaginary realities can be put in the same folder as reality. So that they may things like “your truth is objective, my truth is subjective”. It makes it look like the two things are adjacent to each other in some way.

If you place the phrases “objective truth” (meaning fact) and the phrase “subjective truth” (meaning opinion or belief), they appear to be two versions of the same thing. But they are not. In fact, they are the exact opposite of each other. The former is reality and the latter is not reality.

But that’s not the case and it’s usually done to obfuscate matters. People will say their god is a subjective truth, but they’ll never say their god is imaginary. Because that makes it look like they believe in something that doesn’t exist outside their head. So they go for this fancy label of “subjective truth”.

Claims about something being someone’s “subjective truth” need to be treated the same way as someone saying “I believe this to be true”. Especially if they want to have their belief respected and propagated as a basis for public policy.

Because if we don’t, then all manner of damaging opinions risks being let into the realm of public policy. Racism might be someone’s subjective truth. Casteism, and religious supremacism might be someone else’s. Just because someone slaps the label of “subjective truth” on their opinion doesn’t mean the view deserves respect or acceptance.

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