6 arguments against Hindi imposition

So this is for all you Hindi-as-national-language advocates. I am sure not all of you are dicks. Some of you might simply be ignorant. So read this thread and maybe you'll get why people are opposed to the idea of Hindi officially being given national language status.

First, the universality myth. Hindi is not universally spoken all over India. That's a lie that some Hindi-speakers like to tell themselves because it feels nice to live under the illusion that you live in a linguistically united country. You don't. India is linguistically diverse and that's a good thing, not a problem to be solved by bulldozing everything apart from Hindi.

Second, the myth that Hindi is easier to pick up than English. It is not. Hindi has very little in common with languages in the South and North-East.

If you think people unwilling to use it are being lazy, take some time and learn Tamil, Telugu, Assamese and Odia. We will see how open-minded you are to Indian culture.

Third, the myth of English as a foreign language. Facepalm. If English is foreign, then so is your computer, Twitter, the Internet, and maybe even your clothes. Abandoning or deprioritising things on the basis of where they came from is moronic. Consider utility, not emotion.

Fourth, if English is foreign, then so is Hindi... TO THOSE WHO DON'T SPEAK HINDI. Why is this so difficult to understand? You can't employ the "foreign" logic selectively.

Fifth, NO, most of us don't hate Hindi. It' a great language that we often use and consume entertainment in. Hindi might feel special to you if your mother tongue is Hindi, but why would it feel that way to those whose mother tongue is not Hindi? Think about it.

Sixth and last, this is a pointless pursuit. It changes nothing. It improves nothing. Even if implemented, it will do nothing. Connaught Place was renamed Rajiv Chowk ages ago. The only person who calls it Rajiv Chowk is the automated voice in Delhi Metro. Everyone says CP.

You can't shove things down people's throats. And this applies to languages even more. If you want to promote a language, use it, create art in it, and make people want to use it. Don't do it by government order. That's juvenile.

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